Buying Advice

Buying a pram or pushchair system for your new baby is an important decision, if it’s your first baby then you’re trying to make a choice about something that you haven’t yet experienced, tough or what!  Sometimes the more systems you look at and the more reviews you read the more confused and unsure things get.

At Babythingz whatever your budget we want to help you make the right choice for both you and baby, we believe it’s important to begin rather than with a particular brand, model or style (we’ll come back to these) but with the features & benefits you’re looking for.        

  1. Would you like a travel system, simply put do you require the convenience of your new born car seat to be able to click straight from the car onto the frame/chassis of your pram/pushchair?
  2. Would you like baby to be in a pram/carrycot from birth?  There are a number of available options, carrycot , cocoon (a lightweight soft sided, smaller version of a carrycot), layflat pushchair (newborn support or cosytoes required for additional support for first few months).
  3. Would you like baby once they’ve outgrown the carrycot/cocoon transferring them to the pushchair (5-10 months depending on the size of baby and product) to be able to face both rearward at first before turning forward to view the world.
  4. Where do you go?  Do you enjoy walks in the country or the beach i.e. a place where the terrain may be a little bumpy, larger front wheel(s) are better suited.  If you  enjoy going for a coffee, walking around town, shopping til you drop then it’s about smooth easyglide wheels and don’t forget a big storage basket for all those bargains.
  5. How do you get around?  By car, by bus, by train, walking or a mix?  The size, the weight, the ease and type of fold of your pram/pushchair is next on the list.  Consider the size of the car boot, certain prams/pushchairs are ideally suited to smaller cars (without losing the practicality and style).  If you use public transport, a quick easy fold, lightweight frame should ensure hassle free travel.
  6. About your home.  Storage space is precious in most our homes (often due to the lack of it), have you considered where the pram/pushchair will be stored when not in use.   Do you live in a house, flat, apartment?  Carrying a large heavy pram up and down lots of stairs on daily basis would be far from fun.
  7. How long would you like it to last?  Ok so this is a tough one to answer, but still worth considering.  Some products may be a fantastic travel system, a brilliant carrycot/pram but leave a lot to be desired as a practical day to day pushchair for a toddler.  Consider the size and weight, the ease of fold before making your final decision.

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